Alpha Ultimate Configuration Pack

The 0.16 Compatibility Update

  1. MilanKD
    The Ultimate Configuration Pack Mod


    This modpack has one aim: To increase the variety of parts, skins, engines, configurations, and more with developer quality.
    Do not repload.
    By reuploading this mod, redistributing or using my assets without permission in any way, you automatically agree you will pay @MilanKD $20 on PayPal. (Send @MilanKD a PM For more info, no exceptions possible whatsoever)
    You can use this mod in your (YouTube) videos as long as you credit the mod with a link in the description. Not crediting this mod will result in a copyright claim.

    Taxivsborderpatrol.jpg Swatvsvanvsbbrt.jpg THRSupermeme.jpg Trailerjump.jpg 300bxcovetruralambupolitiecrashsite.jpg SafetycarSBR4EEcrash.jpg TTETKIETK800anddSUBURSTPOLIEC.jpg Amvulancesbolidebarstowburnsidepolice.jpg Bombsquaddricingintrailerhighspeed.jpg 20180409174943_1.jpg screenshot_00008.png screenshot_2019-01-07_18-05-16.jpg

    • 182 Finely tuned and customized configurations
    • Many custom skins
    • Many custom engines
    • Many custom parts
    • Partnerships with other modmakers
    • Professional thumbnails made with the official UI app on the white showroom
    • Detailed and interesting descriptions
    • Performance statistics for every configuration
    • Custom engines based off of real torque curves or my Automation creations
    • Always updated by a team that cares
    • High quality part modelling

    • My trailer of the M Performance update

    • BeamNG.TV's Video!!!

    • A video on the Moonicorn by @Insanegaz (Woah, thank you so much for that!!!)

    • Drop the .zip into your Documents\\mods folder/Hit the green button/Hit the download button in-game
    • After (re-)installing, clear your cache
    • Do not unzip the mod
    • Do not reupload without my permission, or pay me 20 bucks via paypal first
    Thanks to
    • @Blijo For helping out so, so much and creating very awesome content! (and fixing my shitty ass syntax)
    • @BombBoy4 for his excellent work on the original version(s)
    • @DutchyGamer For testing
    • @Holoz for his new design of the UCP and testing
    • @Flippi 284 For helping with the skins and making content
    • @SteveSouris For making his awesome skins
    • @Umbretoaster For helping me out SO mucho with the video
    • @daniel398767 for multiple awesome and innovative additions to this mod.
    • @NinetyNine! for the Beacon on the ETK800 Safety Car
    • @Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1) For his Burnside Mod
    • Daniel for his SBR4 Widebody mod that he allowed me to use!
    • The community and my group for ideas, content, and support
    If you've found a bug please refer to the "discussions" tab or join our discord:

    Hey, if you like this mod, consider making a donation. Buy me a coffee/help me buy a new PC, anything is greatly appreciated!
    Pm me for more info

Recent Reviews

  1. Serialjwalker00
    This mod is a need to have...don't think it over...just slap the green button trust me ha ha
  2. Arthur Viana Grassi
    Arthur Viana Grassi
    Love the mod, but please, brings back the I-series widebody!!
    1. MilanKD
  3. TKTJeS'OkupDeTout
    Version: 1.0.4
    I love it
  4. wangyiming721
    Version: 1.0.3
  5. the nerdling
    the nerdling
    Version: 1.0.3
    great mod but as jack said, its a shame the widebody i series was removed
  6. Jack The Ripper 2
    Jack The Ripper 2
    Version: 1.0.3
    I love this mod, just hate that the last updates removed the widebody I had in the I-series :c
  7. MacGhost
    Version: 1.0.3
    sweet dude :)

    this is my first config pack besides mods and skins

    and it's proven itself amazing
  8. <CODEC>
    Version: 1.0.3
    Finally Fixed! Now i can enjoy your mod!
  9. rickanderson75
    Version: 1.0.1
    Love it!
  10. <CODEC>
    Version: 1.0.1
    I really Like it!
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