Beta Type 2 LeMans 2.0

Racecar as raw as it gets. Big engine, rear drive, 3 pedals and no driver aids

  1. SubieDoobieTwo
    Hello everyone! It seems like the community has liked my two LeMans style cars so far, so, here's a third! It features the same V12 turbo engine as some of my other builds but in a car designed with raw driving in mind. There are no driver aids, so I focused on gearing, tires and brakes to ensure the power is usable and it stops relatively calm. Linked below is my 5 lap Hirochi hot lap challenge and the fastest time so far that I've lapped the circuit. Included at the end are some blooper takes of me exploring the scenery and trying to beat my best lap. Enjoy, and remember to hit those 5 star and subscribe buttons! Any feedback is always appreciated as It helps me provide better, more fun builds for everyone to enjoy.


    1. Type2LeMans20photo1.png
    2. Type2LeMans20photo2.png
    3. Type2LeMans20photo3.png
    4. Type2LeMans20photo4.png
    5. Type2LeMans20photo5.png

Recent Updates

  1. added interior
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