TX90 SSX 1.0

A high-quality luxury sedan ideal for government vehicles.

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    screenshot_2022-03-06_08-51-14.png screenshot_2022-03-06_08-52-11.png screenshot_2022-03-06_08-52-37.png screenshot_2022-03-06_08-53-17.png screenshot_2022-03-06_08-53-29.png screenshot_2022-03-06_08-54-07.png Photo43.png
    The TX90 SSX was introduced in 2013 as the flagship model of the TX series.
    The engine is equipped with a newly developed 3.5L horizontally opposed 6-cylinder naturally aspirated engine.
    The interior is tailored in soothing red leather with pure gold trim for a unique texture.
    Double wishbone front suspension,
    The rear suspension is equipped with a multi-link type.
    The TX90 SSX is the highest-end model in the TX series and is also sold as a government official car.
    The TX series will continue to be developed as a high-end grade to replace Dinita.
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