TW Licence Plates 2.01

Adds designs that mimic the 7th generation plates of Taiwan's traffic.

  1. [2.01] Proper Format

    Just noticed the plate types don't all use the 7-letter format (including "-") after brief research.
    • Realistic Formats
      • Light Vehicle plate is the only plate type contains up to 7 characters.
      • Others contains up to 6 characters.
    • Adds "Trailer" and "Business Trailer" plate types
      • These types contains up to 5 characters.
    • Slight font adjustments.
  2. [2.0] Proper Fonts

    There are plenty plate mods with proper accuracy to the design they based on, so I decided to make this one look more accurate as well.
    • More realistic fonts, based on googled images.
    • It still contains 7 letters but I shortened the "-"and space, with only numbers/letters the text would go off the plate.
    • Different plate types are now Integrated to its subparts.
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