Turbulencia 2000 1.0

Yes, that number is the HP that this car has

  1. ElecDeathblade
    Well, after failing to wait for the next Automation update I decided to reinstall both Automation and Beamng and make more cars.

    This one is pretty simple, nothing spectacular, just your casual ubercar with a 2000HP 12 liters Turbo V16 that can reach over 500 km/h.

    This car weights 1800 kg, so it's not great for taking corners. Also, the first gear spins the wheels quite a lot, so it's advice to be gentle at first and then slam the gas.

    It's not perfect, but I'm proud of this one.

    screenshot_2021-06-25_04-00-32.png screenshot_2021-06-25_04-00-42.png
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