Turbos for Wentward DT40L 2.0

T400, T600, T800 turbos and more!

  1. ashtonneale23
    Has been a long time since I made a mod, but I wanted to make this one because the bus is so slow. I added the T400 and T600 turbos to the Wentward. It takes off quick with the T600 and will go even faster if you drive it in manual. I was easily able to hit 80 or so with the T600 and it can do more than that. Configs are just two highway buses with the bigger turbos on them and the Ram Plow Bus with a T600.

    Update 2.0: T800 turbo, high revving ECM, and High Performance Radiator added.


    1. highway_600.jpg
    2. rambus_600.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. T800 turbo added and Block Parts

Recent Reviews

  1. The-Old-twingo
    Version: 1.0
    This makes a really good turbo. Long live the ying yang spinny thang.
    1. ashtonneale23
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