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Outdated Turbocharged D-Series 2.0

Adjustabled Turbo for the D series pickup

  1. Updated for .16 and diesel turbo

    Updated the files for .16.
    Added turbo for the new diesel engine.
    Added a new torque converter to work with the diesel engine.
  2. Various Things

    Played around with the turbo a bit. It's pretty similar to the Barstow turbo. Also renamed the main file for easier sorting.
  3. Bigger Turbo

    Increased the efficiency so I takes less boost to make power, similar to a real V8 boosted car because they generally run larger turbos than the 4 cylinders which is what I took the turbo from.
  4. updated for 0.12

    Updated for 0.12
  5. Transbrake

    Added a transbrake
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