Beta Turbo Everything + Twincharge Everything 2.3

Ever wanted to turbo or Supercharge a engine although there is none? Now you can!

  1. Wendover update

    -Added Wendover
  2. Added new Turbo sound

    Added new Turbosound
    - Turbo Type 7
    - Blowoff Valve Type 6
  3. Small Bug fixes

    Here is a small bugfix

    - Fixed indestructiable Engine Block
    - Fixed Oil Cooler not cooling enough
  4. Added Boost By Gear + New Turbo Sounds!

    After a long time i finally could got home for few days and played Beamng again and i made some new Features for this mod:

    - Added Boost By Gear Controller for max 12 Gear

    - Added Sound Options:
    - 6 Turbo sounds with volume options
    - 5 Blow Off Valve Sounds with volume options + No Blow Off

    - Added ECU Slot
    - Variable Idle RPM
    - Variable RPM Limiter

    After May i will make more updates for all my mods :)
  5. Clutch Disengage Feature for Supercharger

    -Added Disengage Clutch feature to all Superchargers
    -Added Disengage Range - how long the Clutch needs to disengage fully for a smooth transition to a turbo
  6. Customizable Turbo, Supercharger + Twincharge Feature

    Added many customizable Turbo parts
    Every part Does change power/torque or the affects the spooling of the turbo

    Added Twincharge System

    Added Root, Twinscrew, Centrifugal Supercharger

    Many customized Supercharger parts
    Every part Does change power/torque or the affects the max boost (overboost)

    Superchargers Stats (With Overboost) doesn't change in Torquecurve app.
    Use Engine Debug app for real...
  7. No more cooling problems!

    Adds a water and oil cooler for every car
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