Beta Turbo Everything + Twincharge Everything 2.3

Ever wanted to turbo or Supercharge a engine although there is none? Now you can!

  1. R4NKING
    Turbo and Twincharge Everything!
    because everyone loves Force Induction!

    This mod adds:

    - Additional Modification Slot to every original Car
    - Variable Turbo up to 250psi because why not?
    - Changable Turbo and Blow Off Sound Stu tututu
    - Additional Indestructible Block because no engine would take 17bar of boost
    - Water & Oil Cooler no more overheating problems!
    - ECU Because everyone want's 10'000 RPM

    - Added Wendover


    - Added new Turbosound
    - Turbo Type 7
    - Blowoff Valve Type 6


    - Added Boost By Gear Controller for max 12 Gear

    - Added Sound Options:
    - 6 Turbo sounds with volume options
    - 5 Blow Off Valve Sounds with volume options + No Blow Off

    - Added ECU Slot
    - Variable Idle RPM
    - Variable RPM Limiter


    - Added Disengage Clutch feature to all Superchargers
    - Added Disengage Range - how long the Clutch needs to disengage fully for a smooth transition to a turbo


    Added Twincharge Feature


    - Added many Customizable Parts

    - Bearing affects Turbo power
    - Compressor Wheel affects Turbo spool
    - Exhaust Housing affects Turbo spool
    - Turbo cooling affects max Turbo temperature
    - Turbine Wheel affects Exhaust pressure
    - Wastegate affects max boost pressure

    - Added changeable Turbo health (Turbo can overheat and get destroyed (feature of BeamNG))

    - Added many Customizable Parts

    - Boost Controller affects Overboost
    - Bearing affects supercharger power
    - ECU adds Option for Supercharger Clutch
    - Pully gearing between supercharger and engine
    - Wastegate affects max boost pressure
    Lobes changes simulation of Turbocharger blades
    (only Twinscrews and Root)

    If you use Supercharger with overboost feature, don't use Torquecurve App, it doesn't show the overboost.
    Use Engine Debug app for real Engine stats

    Not everything is how it is in reallife, i made this how i could because BeamNG doesn't features this options

    The idea for this mod I got from @Msaxflismyren with his mod "Supercharge Any Engine"

    Have Fun c:

Recent Updates

  1. Wendover update
  2. Added new Turbo sound
  3. Small Bug fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. AsDQweDr
    Version: 2.3
    Works, therefore i give u a 5 star rating. I like the BOV 7.
  2. Spectxre
    Version: 2.3
    I love your mods! Ty for all of these awesome mods! (Especially the engine pack)
  3. jecoyud1905
    Version: 2.3
    finally a grand marshal with less power :D
  4. chiki12501
    Version: 2.3
    cool, can you update that for the automation cars ?
  5. rnd2k
    Version: 2.3
    Dude you rock ! this is one of the best mods ever. Thank you !
  6. ½5-56½
    Awesome mods, it have the flaws that people have mentioned below me. but you have to update it so it works with the soliad wendover please
  7. Andybravec
    wonderful mod, though it hydrolocks and breaks the engine when you apply indestructible engine option on flathead V8, and inline 6s used in moonhawk, barstow and bluebuck, Also it doesn't really seem to function properly on the bus
  8. Brian Lee
    Brian Lee
    You obviously have no idea how much fun I'm having with this mod! Love putting it in all turbocharged cars, they become literal speed demons once this mod has been installed. All of the cars become stupid fast once installed! Great job!
  9. poopaloompa
    I Would give 5 stars but the blow off sounds don't work with the D-Series 6.0L Diesel v8 if you could update this and add that feature that would be great! Keep grinding
  10. _Sack aflias_
    _Sack aflias_
    I installed the mod but it does work at all any idea?
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