Turbo 3cyl for Sunburst 1.0

2017's Downsizing hit Hirochi

  1. Presets!

    And better turbocharger sounds (all now use the same turbo but different wastegate amounts)


    1. mflat_12tbase_a.png
    2. mflat_12tlux_a.png
    3. mflat_12tmid_a.png
    4. mflat_12tmid_a.png
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  2. Engine and turbocharger overhaul

    1.2 N/A now makes 68hp (more realistic)
    1.2 Base turbo makes 120hp
    1.2 medium turbo makes 150hp
    1.2 sport turbo makes 180hp


    1. trqcurve10na.png
    2. trqcurve12t.png
    3. trqcurve15t.png
    4. trqcurve18t.png
  3. Optimized Transmissions

    I noticed that the transmissions were not shifting under full load, so I made my own ones that better fit the engines, the DCT wasn't working correctly and no matter how hard I tried shifted when I didn't want it to (shifting weird when under WOT).
    Also take note... the transmissions do not "max out" the throttle before shifting, so its not optimal, but I can't change this, hopefully its improved in the next BeamNG update
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  4. MODERATION : files fix

    MODERATION : files fix
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