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Beta Tsukuba Real Racetrack Series BeamNG.mania 0.5

Part of the Real Racetrack Series of BeamNG.mania.

  1. libdil
    Sixth track
    of the BeamNG.mania Real Racetrack Series.
    The tracks are created using Google Maps.
    The tracks are minimalistic and focus on amazing performance even on weaker hardware.

    Also available:
    BeamNG.mania RRS1 = Monza Autodromo
    BeamNG.mania RRS2 = Le Mans
    BeamNG.mania RRS3 = Suzuka Circuit
    BeamNG.mania RRS4 = Hungaroring
    BeamNG.mania RRS5 = Algarve Circuit
    BeamNG.mania DEC = Driver Experience Center Series
    BeamNG.mania LR = Light Runner Series
    BeamNG.mania HC = Hill Climb Series

    How to access:
    Play/Time Trial/Select Map/Track Editor Tracks/Select Layout/BeamNG.mania RRS6

    How to play in Freeroam:
    Finish one run in Time Trial then click Freeroam in the results screen.

Recent Reviews

  1. bimmerbruh
    Version: 0.5
    awesome job, could you possibly do laguna seca next?
  2. SCO513
    Version: 0.5
    Your tracks are amazing. Can you also make Intercity Istanbul Park?
  3. Destructionater
    Version: 0.5
    *Forza motorsport 3 and 4 flashbacks*
  4. pcmoreno
    Version: 0.5
    1. libdil
      Author's Response
      Already did some tests with elevations they never worked out for these kind of tracks since it would mean most parts of the track are floating or I would need to move away from pure Track Builder maps and sculpture some terrain.
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