Trailerpack 0.3.0

Various trailers for the towhitch, heavy duty reveiver and gooseneck

  1. AR162B
    Trailer pack add-on by AR162b
    Made by AR162b for BeamNG.Drive
    Version 0.3.0 03-01-2019

    Third version!

    This mod consists out of multiple parts:

    Summary 0.1.0: First release
    Summary 0.2.0: Made the trailers separate vehicles, added caravan stuff, updated stuff
    Summary 0.0.0: Updated stuff


    This mod contains:

    General Stuff:

    Gooseneck tow hitch for the D-series (my H-series mod also has got a gooseneck option)

    Small trailer options:
    - Cargo options for the original small trailer. These options can be found in the ramp slot.
    - single and dual hay bales
    - dual and triple metal boxes
    - Off-Road suspension for the original small trailer.
    screenshot_00609_1920.jpg screenshot_00660_1920.jpg

    Custom 'small' trailers
    - Medium flatbed trailer with rotable bed. Useful for vehicles with low ground clearence. It was taken out of my H- and D- series mod and is adjusted. It's made wider, lower, longer, it has bigger wheels and the ramp has changed to accomodate longer vehicles.
    It has three 'wheel-hold' structure options, they can be 'tuned' in the tuning tab
    It has a removable edge (yes it can be used as driving jump ;) )
    - Medium wide flatbed trailer. Like the one above, but with a non-rotating deck on top of the wheels. Larger but less stable due to the higher c.o.g. A hay load and two tuneable wheel-hold options.
    - Medium wide flatbed pup/fulltrailer. Like the one above, but with different axle positions. Increased stability and put less train on the to hitch, but is difficult to reverse. A hay load option and two tuneable wheel-hold options.

    - Haywagon trailer. Compared to a regular pup trailer it has a more complicated steering system and has multiple hay load option. It can haul more compared to the medium trailers.

    - Large flatbed pup/fulltrailer. The loading ramps and hay load options are available. The drawbar has a regular towhitch option and a 'HD' towhitch option.

    Gooseneck Trailers; Those trailer need a gooseneck hitch to function.
    A gooseneck is included in this mod as selectable part in de bed extras of the D-series (Parts selector (CTRL+W) > Frame > Bed > Bed Accessory > Goosneck Tow Hitch). Also, my H-series mod has a gooseneck preset.


    - Gooseneck trailer frame with a flatbed and car transport bed option. The flatbed has hay load options

    Caravan parts:
    - A tow hitch so multiple caravans can be hooked. For very large families, or for adding other trailers behind it
    - A door which can be opened
    - A rockguard which can be opened
    - A fully functional sunscreen. I'm aware that It has very basic textures which could use improvements but it is fun in my opinion.
    - Off-road suspension
    screenshot_00638_1920.jpg screenshot_00640_1920.jpg
    screenshot_00642_1920.jpg screenshot_00646_1920.jpg

    This mod includes a new caravan jbeam and key input files which sort of 'overwrites' the original ones, so if there's a problem with the caravan in the future after an update, this mod might be the cause.


    known ideas/issues/improvement needed:

    - gooseneck dolly
    - textures/materials
    - the Gooseneck and heavy duty trailers (still) need an overhaul, things are improved, but several issues can should be improved.


    - Most new parts are BeamNGs original D15, H15, H45 or (greatly) based on original BeamNG parts, so BeamNG
    - Myself (AR162b) for all the mods
    - Aboroath, Jujune, Peterbilt, Serge and Synsol for testing, feedback and ideas!



    - gooseneck dolly



    v 0.1.0 May 13th 2016
    First release!

    v 0.2.0 January 27th 2017
    - Made the trailers vehicles on their own
    - Updated suspensions, wheels can be chosen now
    - Updated/improved lots of jbeams
    - Added caravan stuff

    v 0.3.0 January 3rd 2019
    - Fixed the gooseneck for BeamNG December 2019 version
    - Tweaked the caravan Offroad suspension a bit
    - Strengthened the flatbed a bit

    So don't upload it anywhere without permission!


    Like my mods? Please support me by donating via Paypal :)


    Use the files at own risk.

    Have fun!

    (Old) Images:

    screenshot_00035_B.jpg screenshot_00037_B.jpg screenshot_00039_B.jpg screenshot_00041_B.jpg screenshot_00052_B.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Small trailer fixes
  2. Trailerpack update

Recent Reviews

  1. RandsomeGaming
    Version: 0.3.0
    Awesome mod been using it for a while now but i am having an issue with gooseneck option on the d-series i put it on but it doesn't work it just slides or about is this on my end or is the mod not stable for the newest version?.
    Version: 0.3.0
    Amazing! However, is there any chance you could add, like, a cargo box trailer?
  3. fatsubsonic
    Version: 0.3.0
    Works great with D-series but i cant load the Gooseneck for the H-series. No preset, No Upfit option, No bed option :-(
    Someone PLEASE show me how to get the H-series gooseneck to work !
    1. AR162B
      Author's Response
      The gooseneck option for the H-series was part of my H-series addon mod. This mod is outdated after the BeamNG december 2019 update.
  4. ticker126
    Version: 0.3.0
    Yes!! favorite mod thank you for the update! :)
  5. Kic_ker
    Version: 0.3.0
    Love this, just wanted to let you know you might want to notify users the file name changed in the latest update.
  6. Trigger 405
    Trigger 405
    Version: 0.3.0
    Thank you so much for updating your mods donating now <3
  7. dooson24
    Version: 0.3.0
    so happy this got updated! Awesome Mod
  8. jjjjj
    Version: 0.3.0
    The proficiency has been foretold, the legendary trailer mod has been repaired by the og mod god
  9. Logan Oram Feltham
    Logan Oram Feltham
    Version: 0.3.0
    Love this mod been using it sense it came out originally but there is no gooseneck option for the long bed like you said that you added
  10. AnOrangeHellcat
    Version: 0.3.0
    thanks for fixing the gooseneck, awesome
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