Trackmania Lettus Basic '62 1.01

BeamNG Drivers ed car, like the Skip Barber but Dark Souls

  1. G-Farce
    Fiberglass shell, Under 580kg curb weight combined with a vicious 3L 180hp NA V12 push rod mid-mounted motor torquing the rear, a respectable build.
    Revs to 8k RPM, Take care when shifting, you might lose your balance mid corner ;) This is an oldschool cool speed demon, a demon to be mastered. And what a beaut she handles the part too!

    Post-Export JBeam refinement/edits:
    • Engine Inertia increased 3x, Friction & dynamic friction reduced to prevent engine lockups altogether
    • Mild Front tyre grip reduction to aid in vehicle dynamics
    • Chassis1 hidden

    Trackmania is a reference to the platforming/racing videogame of the same name. Taking the cue, This machine is a whole lot of fun on wide open tracks where you know the course but not the car. The ride injects something new into your veins. Be smooth and precise with your inputs to tame the beast and become the Time Attack champion!

    upload_2021-7-18_2-55-20.jpeg upload_2021-7-18_3-5-42.png upload_2021-7-18_2-55-36.jpeg

    It can also do a bit of offroading fun with the spooled rear!

Recent Reviews

  1. crackaid_420
    Version: 1.01
    cool mod
    1. G-Farce
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate! :)
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