Trackfab Unlimited 2.3

V8 powered unlimited class buggy with loads of suspension travel

  1. Bunch of fixes

    • Fixed digidash
    • Adjusted interior and chase cameras
    • Added FFB
    • Fixed front torque reaction nodes
    • Included tires directly in the mod
    • Changed paint to PBR
    • Updated radiator
    • Updated all lights using prerunner assets
  2. Fixes

    • Adjusted aero to reduce the pitch-up behavior on jumps
    • Fixed issue with assymetric drag
    • Fixed wildly incorrect stats in info files.
    • Fixed instability in the steering rack.
  3. 0.20 fixes and suspension rework

    • Revamped suspension setup, bump stops and others.
    • Fixed issue with the front damper using rear damper variables
    • Added tender springs to make sure the suspension fully droops
    • Adjusted lateral damper beams on the trailing arms and steering, so they don't effect the car's damping as much.
    • Multiple changes to the suspension meshes
    • Fixed damper flexbody issue
    • Updated digidash to the dashboard used on the superlite
  4. Suspension bumpstops adjustements and other changes.

    • Fix front shock mounts meshes not appearing
    • Adjusted spring and bump-stop beamDeform values. Suspension can still collapse on hard impacts but it shouldn't be getting stuck like before. Thanks to @Kirakat for the bug report and information on how to replicate it.
    • Moved hard bump-stops to the suspension jbeam, to avoid issues when using no coil-overs.
    • Added hydraulic bump-stops to the coil-overs, should help reduce bottoming out.
    • Added sound for the...
  5. 4WD, new body and nose-dive fix

    • Added 4WD along with some variants
    • Redid the mounts for every single non suspension component. This should significantly reduce the nosediving issues, which were caused by the engine moving downward on hard hits, and jolting the rear end upward when it bounced back up.
    • Completely redone body, with a bit more depth
    • Tweaked suspension setups and tire pressures
    • Rigidified rear trailing arms and added transverse damping beams
    • Added street variant with oversized sports...
  6. Damper variables hotfix

    • Fixed issue with the damper variables on the coil-over's damper. It was using the bypass dampers' variables instead of it's own.
  7. V1.0 Release

    • New dual damper setup with bypass dampers based on the Hoppler's dampers
    • Replaced pro-dive front suspension geometry with some slight anti-dive.
    • Reworked the current setups, combined them into a set of general purposes, with auto and sequential variants
    • Reworked the older short-course setups into setups meant purely for jumping and stuff. Sometimes you just gotta send it. Mullet and canadian accent not included.
    • Made drive shafts more durable
    • Reduced bumpsteer...
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