Beta Toyota Truck Engines 1.8 Merry Christmas!

A Land Rover will get you there, but a Land Cruiser will get you back.

  1. Addition of V35A

    - Added newest Toyota engine (V35A) found in the new LC300 and Tundra
    - Added the 10 speed transmission to go with it (AWR10L65
    - Adjusted Toyota rear LSD and added a front LSD
    - Also added a rear Toyota limited slip-locking diff
    - Added 3.31 diff ratios
  2. Fix for 1GD + more powerr

    - Fixed exhaust issue with the 1GD-FTV
    - Added stage 1 & 2 turbos for the 1GD
    - Added an Adjustable Race ECU
    - Removed Multi-Mode 4WD system (newest update broke it and I can't figure out what's wrong with it)
  3. Fix for newest updates

    Hi guys,
    I've been pretty inactive when it comes to keeping up with this mod but I've posted the fixed update for my mod.

    It includes:
    -bugfix for all engines
    -motor mounts + oilpans
    -a lot of new stuff for the 22-RE ;)
  4. Fixed Scraping and Added 22-RE

    In this update, I fixed the engine dragging on the ground because of the new motor mount update. I also added the 22-RE.

    22-RE does not make huge power, because I have not added any superchargers or turbos, however, it does have a big bore kit !
  5. New diesel and transfercase

    In this update, I added/modified:

    • 2.8L I4 Engine (1GD-FTV) - Used in new Hilux pickups and is a turbodiesel variant. Offers stronger internals and Stage 1-Race ECUs.
    • Made adjustments to the 1FZ-FE's sound and inertia.
    • Made adjustments to the AB60F and AA80F transmissions.
    • Made adjustments to the tow-haul torque converter.
    • Added a new full-time 4WD transfer case, including a variable output and a locking output transfer case.
  6. 2GR-FE and Custom Sound for 3UR

    • Added a 2GR-FE
    • Added a custom sound version of the 3UR-FE
    • Some small tweaks here and there
    • Removed twin turbos for the 3UR, instead added a stage 3 Harrop supercharger
    • Added 5VZ to the vivace.
  7. moderation: fix

    car_killer: fixed zip issue
  8. Crashing fix and additions

    In this update, I fixed the issue where the game crashes whenver an engine is selected. I also added:

    - New sound for 1GR
    - New sound for 5VZ
    - Added twin turbos and race ECU to 3UR
    - Added a Toyota Limited Slip Rear Differential + 4.30 rear gear ratios
    - Made some tweaks to the 5.7 transmissions
    - Made some tweaks to the tow-haul torque converter

    ...and that's about it. DM me if you want a certain engine added and I'll see what I can do.
  9. 5VZ-FE and Minor Tweaks to 3UR-FE

    Added a 5VZ-FE after a few requests on the review page.

    -Includes a modified sound
    -Stage 1 Turbo
    -Makes around 400hp max
    -Changed the exhaust sound on the 3UR-FE
    -Changed supercharger pitch sound on 2UZ-FE
  10. moderation: fix

    Car_Killer: Fixed corrupted zip
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