Beta Toyota Truck Engines 1.8 Merry Christmas!

A Land Rover will get you there, but a Land Cruiser will get you back.

  1. starblockset
    Hey guys,
    I'm happy to release my mod to the public. I've been working on this off and on for a couple of months, so it's by no means perfect. I'll list a few features below.

    (just an FYI, I'm in school therefore I don't have much time to make my mods which is why the updates are so far apart)
    • Semi-custom sounds for the V6 and V8s.
    • A variety of transmissions, including an AB60F 6-speed drag transmission with a trans brake.
    • 8 new engines + the 1FZ-FE.
    • ESC including tow-haul mode and a tow-haul torque converter.
    • Diesel and Gasoline long-range fuel tanks.
    • I also do have some sound files from an actual tundra, however, whenever I put them in the game, they don't sound good one bit. Do what you please with them. They are under the "art" folder.
    • All engines are available for the D-Series and Roamer.


    • 1FZ-FE - 4.5L I6 used in 80s Series Land Cruisers. Merged that mod with this one since it makes more sense.
    • 1GR-FE 4.0L V6 used in Tacomas and 4Runners and some of the Tundras.
    • 5VZ-FE 3.4L V6 used in Tacomas, Tundras, T100s, and 4Runners.
    • 1UR-FE - 4.6L V8 used in the newer generation of Tundras, but was sadly discontinued a couple of years back.
    • 2UZ-FE - 4.7L V8. Toyota's heavy-weight motor. These motors are known to last a long time and some even make it to a million miles (1.6 million kilometers). It was used in Tundras, Sequoias, and Land Cruisers.
    • 3UR-FE - 5.7L V8 used in the newest Tundras, Sequoias, and Land Cruisers. This motor is the beast of the pack and I personally spent most of my time on it.
    • 3UR-FE Custom Sound - Comes with custom sound from a real Tundra.
    • 2GR-FE - 3.5L V6 used in the newest Tacomas. An engine that generally has more torque in the top end.
    • 1GD-FTV - 2.8L I4 diesel used in the newest Hiluxes. Makes a great amount of torque.
    • 22-RE - Incredibly reliable and well-known 2.4L I4 engine powering many Toyota cars and trucks.
    • V35A - Newest engine from Toyota, found in the new LC300 and Tundra. 3.5L twin-turbo V6.

    • A343F - 4-Speed auto used in 80s Series Land Cruisers.
    • A750F - 5-Speed auto used for vehicles holding the 4.7L V8.
    • AA80F - 8-Speed auto used in the newest-gen Land Cruiser.
    • AB60F - 6-Speed auto used in Tundras and Sequoias.
    • AB60F Drag Transmission w/ Transbrake - exactly as the name implies.
    • H-Series transmissions - a few Toyota pickup transmissions
    • AWR10L65 - super-smart and fast shifting 10 speed auto.
    Fuel Tanks:
    • 38 Gallon Gasoline fuel tank
    • 38 Gallon Diesel fuel tank
    ESC: It is found in the "Additional Modifications" selector and it is named ESC & PCM.

    Credits: BeamNG staff for making such an easy-to-use platform and the engine models.
    One last thank is to rocketbobbycarrizal for testing the mod and suggesting features.

    Feedback: Let me know in the reviews of any bugs/issues and any features you would like to see implemented!

    There are currently no models, sadly, but if you are willing to model for me, PM me and we can work from there. :)

Recent Updates

  1. Addition of V35A
  2. Fix for 1GD + more powerr
  3. Fix for newest updates

Recent Reviews

  1. Jackarmy26
    Version: 1.8 Merry Christmas!
    I love this mod! For me it would be perfection if it had a realistic sounding 1kd-ftv (found in the N70 hilux and 120-150 series prado) 1VD-FTV (found in the 70 series land cruiser and the 200 series) and then the 1hd-fte (found in the 100 series and the hdj70 series)! Would love to see it!
  2. Bailey14
    Version: 1.8 Merry Christmas!
    hey you should make a 3rz fe that would be sick
  3. Maximus 82-99
    Maximus 82-99
    Version: 1.8 Merry Christmas!
    i have been Loving this mod quite a lot.. i would give it 100/10 if could.. but i still want more stuff to be added ya know? would be great if you could add the 3F-E and 3F engines.. also some manual gearboxes like the H151 or H152.
  4. boiskillhimmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Version: 1.8 Merry Christmas!
    100/10 mod and can you add the 1GD-FTV preddecessor the 1KD-FTV
  5. Jax Lexus
    Jax Lexus
    Version: 1.8 Merry Christmas!
    Mate could you please add the 1vd-ftv fitted in the lc200 and lc70 in Australia. Its a 4.5l v8 turbo diesel with 151kw/431nm or 200kw/650nm in the lc200. They sound so good when they're straight piped.
  6. imnotthe_impostor
    Version: 1.8 Merry Christmas!
    Very cool love this thing! Btw 2TR-FE would be cool since Hilux use it.
  7. Darktorn
    Version: 1.8 Merry Christmas!
    can you add the 2TR-FE engine?
  8. fatndut
    Version: 1.8 Merry Christmas!
    nice mod, can you add the newest toyota"s 3.3 v6 twin turbo diesel engine
    ? the code is F33A-FTV
  9. Billyboi173
    Version: 1.8 Merry Christmas!
    this mod needs some of the old diesels like the 1hz, 2h, 12ht, 1hdt, 1hdtft
  10. adhamghaly02
    Version: 1.8 Merry Christmas!
    its amazing, but most of the modern engines (1FZ, 1GR, 1UR, 2UZ, 3UR, V35A) all have a factory cutoff of around .3 seconds, also GCC spec car such as the FZJ, UZJ came with 5 speed manuals and so did the URJ70, kindly look into these if you can.
    1. starblockset
      Author's Response
      sure, ill look into that!
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