Tow Hitches for non-towable cars. 1.42

Get your welders out, bolts or whatever, and strap them onto un-towable cars!

  1. Vibestation 5
    This mod adds tow-hitches to 2 vehicles. Bolide and the Wentward DT40L. This mod will expose their towing capabillities. Configs are included. All of which are based off base models. This mod adds a V8 Diesel to the bolide (5.8L), And three new gearboxes, CVT, Automatic, and Dual Clutch. Alongside a new shifter model

    Some say, It is a devillish act to put an automatic gearbox into a Bolide. I say it is a based thing of mankind. Civetta tried suing me, they lost.

    Known issues:
    Bolide's Tow hitch does not work without the tailcone support. This is the most realistic manner i can do with.

    Lordlichi06: The idea of the infamous CVT in a Bolide, Finding the JBeam error while making the transmissions one JBeam
    TheTalkingBath: Fixing JBeam, making it appear
    Rotated: Finding the error
    Me, Automatic Gear shifter model and textures, and code
    BeamNG: ETK800 Torque converters and automatic powertrain code.


    1. screenshot_2022-03-12_19-21-14.png
    2. screenshot_2022-03-12_19-22-04.png
    3. screenshot_2022-04-30_23-25-56.png

Recent Reviews

  1. absolute destruction
    absolute destruction
    Version: 1.40
    I like how this is more than just a tow hitch mod. something to consider maybe if you wish is - adding a super-heavy trailer/load so we can tow with an Italian super car to our heart's content! ;)
    1. Vibestation 5
      Author's Response
      It originally was meant to be that until some time ago
  2. still chill
    still chill
    Version: 1.2.0
    very much needed
  3. Yellowracer
    Version: 1.0.4c
  4. PommesPanzer
    Version: 1.0.4c
    Great, thats what we all needed
  5. hey_big
    Version: 1.0.4c
    wigeon already has towhitch tho?
    1. Vibestation 5
      Author's Response
      Just noticed that! I will fix that.
  6. Yash_gamin144
    Version: 1.0.4c
    Or for those times, when you need to tow your bus, with a bus.
  7. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 1.0.4c
    For those times you want to haul a bolide using a wigeon
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