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ToughTruckMap 1.2.2

Testing trucks to the limit with some Tough truck challenges

  1. Fixed missing texture, decreased fog density.

    Crash Hard 01
    - Fixed missing texture on some rocks, I hope
    - Decreased the fog density
    - Removed dynamic cameras for the small track
  2. removed the second car, dds textures

    Crash Hard 01
    -Updated textures to dds
    -Removed second car on the track
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  3. Fixed after the update

    Crash Hard 01
    - Fixed some trees that was missing some textures
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  4. Removed the 2nd mis file

    Crash Hard 01
    - 1.2.1 Removed the 2nd mis file

    - 1.2.0
    - Added more details around the roads
    - Made the pipe & Woodlog offroad trail longer and steeper
    - some small changes around the map
    - Deleted 10-20 trees, hope that helps a bit ;)
  5. fix for map would not load the 2nd time it was loaded

    Crash Hard 01
    Made the textures power of two size ratio
    Have corrected all material.cs files

    Hopefully it works now, It does on my end
  6. toughtruckmap fix

    Crash Hard 01
    small console error fix.
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