Outdated Torsion D-Series Wheelie Monster r17

Bulletproof Edition

  1. torsion
    With the provided configs it's impossible to break the driveshaft just by popping a wheelie. :)
    • Includes a roamer configuration and two pickup configurations - regular and extended cab. These are available in the vehicle selector alongside Sport / Offroad / etc.
    • Includes the following parts to choose from in Vehicle Customization (CTRL+W). Where possible these are "common" parts and should work with all the Roamers and most of the pickups (as far as the current structure allows):
      • 1 "built" engine
      • 1 'rear suspension' w/ 2 strength options
      • 2 sets of rear tires
      • 1/ea radiator for the pickup and roamer
      • 1/ea oil cooler for the pickup and roamer
      • 1 set of rear leaf springs
      • 1 roll pan for the pickup rear bumper slot - includes license plate mounting system for left/right/center
    • The rest of the truck is left stock, so you'll have to use some finesse to avoid destruction. Not a lot of finesse, but at least a little. :)
    • This produces less horsepower than some older mods. Closer to 5,000HP than 20,000HP for example. This is on purpose... 5,000 is plenty hard to handle!
    • Totally playable on a keyboard!!

    Outside of simply using the provided configs, some worthwhile things to fiddle with are:

    • Rear ride height using the adjustable stunt springs.
    • Rear diff - open / welded / etc. Welded diffs are hard on everything else but allow for some wild stunts. The included configs all use open diffs because open diffs allow for more careless driving.
    • Triple-Z rear tires. The included configs all use "Z-rated", again due to being easier to drive and less hard on the rest of the drivetrain.
    This was inspired by other, older wheelie mods - primarily by this one from ErikSW! Kudos for the original implementation of this idea.
    screenshot_00301.png screenshot_00093.png screenshot_00264.png screenshot_00259.png screenshot_00008_crop.jpg screenshot_00303.png

Recent Updates

  1. initial refresh for v0.13
  2. Mercy & Ext
  3. Initial v0.8 support

Recent Reviews

  1. xmphay
    Version: r17
    It's great. But the rollpan is kind of broken. The plate holders only go to the center. **fix pls** :V
  2. Inn0centJok3r
    Version: r17
    The cars wheelie to the sky! Its a lot of fun to mess around with them and wheelie into other cars and then making them a wedge. Also the Roamer is EXELLENT at rolling lol. The Crew cab D series doesnt do a wheelie and runs out of grip tho. Also the Piston rings are gone as soon as you floor it. The engine overheats very fast and sets itself on fire on full throttle.
    All in all a great mod. 12/10 would roll again.
  3. trm7
    Version: r17
    I like it but its a lot harder to get it to wheelie than it did a while ago when I first had this installed. but still one of my favorites
  4. Ovahlls
    Version: r17
    It's great. If you do some XML digging, you can change all physics values to 0. It's then impossible to destroy.
  5. DodgeFan4207
    Version: r17
    SO MUCH FUN! I love to flip this over guardrails and other cars. 100000000000000000000000000000000/10.
  6. John Beat
    John Beat
    Version: r17
    Nice an update
  7. Matt Cook
    Matt Cook
    Version: r16
    It's good.
  8. Pungpig2
    Version: r16
  9. Peter Beamo
    Peter Beamo
    Version: r16
    i think use a drag wheels better
    but good mod tho!
  10. SkipperPlay
    Version: r15
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