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Torsion D-Series Wheelie Monster r16

Bulletproof Edition - For Pickup, Roamer, and now Extended Cab Pickups for v0.8

  1. torsion
    Version r16 modifies the rear axle to prevent driveshaft breakage. With the provided configs it's impossible to break the driveshaft just by popping a wheelie. :)
    • Includes a roamer configuration and two pickup configurations - regular and extended cab. These are available in the vehicle selector alongside Sport / Offroad / etc.
    • Includes the following parts to choose from in Vehicle Customization (CTRL+W). Where possible these are "common" parts and should work with all the Roamers and most of the pickups (as far as the current structure allows):
      • 1 "built" engine
      • 1 'rear suspension' w/ 2 strength options
      • 2 sets of rear tires
      • 1/ea radiator for the pickup and roamer
      • 1/ea oil cooler for the pickup and roamer
      • 1 set of rear leaf springs
      • 1 roll pan for the pickup rear bumper slot - includes license plate mounting system for left/right/center
    • The rest of the truck is left stock, so you'll have to use some finesse to avoid destruction. Not a lot of finesse, but at least a little. :)
    • This produces less horsepower than some older mods. Probably closer to 5,000HP than 20,000HP I think. So far that seems to be a blessing; it makes the truck easier to hold together.
    • Totally playable on a keyboard!!
    screenshot_00301.png screenshot_00093.png screenshot_00264.png screenshot_00259.png screenshot_00008_crop.jpg screenshot_00303.png

    Outside of simply using the provided configs, some worthwhile things to fiddle with are:
    • Rear ride height using the adjustable stunt sprints.
    • Rear diff - open / welded / etc. Welded diffs are hard on everything else but allow for some wild stunts. The included configs all use open diffs because open diffs allow for more careless driving.
    • Triple-Z rear tires. The included configs all use "Z-rated", again due to being easier to drive and less hard on the rest of the drivetrain.
    This was inspired by other, older wheelie mods - primarily by this one from ErikSW! Kudos for the original implementation of this idea.

Recent Updates

  1. Mercy & Ext
  2. Initial v0.8 support
  3. bugfix - roll pan normals

Recent Reviews

  1. Peter Beamo
    Peter Beamo
    Version: r16
    i think use a drag wheels better
    but good mod tho!
  2. SkipperPlay
    Version: r15
  3. MadLeigh
    Version: r15
    Cool, So now I won't have to change the motor out for the 632ci/CVT combo like I was doing with the r14 version in order to get it working after one of those BeamNG updates that broke it... the r14 with that spare floating tail-shaft that looked kinda funky lol... Looking forward to testing/killing the Torsion r15... Thanks for your work..
  4. Squatch32560
    Version: r15

    I changed the rear wheels to something else and the driveshaft won't break upon acceleration.

    I'm going to land on my wheels one of these times.

    Wonderful Upgrade. I had completely forgotten all about this beautiful creature, thanks for the hard work and getting this updated.
  5. Trupoller
    Version: r15
    Update! Yessss! Awesome!
  6. DerProGamer2000
    Version: r14
    it was a good mod when it worked. could you update the mod for the 8.0 update?
  7. Rusty Old Dog
    Rusty Old Dog
    Version: r14
    This is an awesome mod. I have an issue though. For some reason the driveshaft is out of place, like under the ground. It is just floating under the car. But other than that great mod! I'd love to see more wheelie monster vehicles.
    1. torsion
  8. kllf70
    Version: r13
    Awesome fun, but needs a stronger driveshaft.
    1. torsion
      Author's Response
      Thanks. Right now everything about the mod is intentional. Driveshaft, engine temps, etc... this is a vehicle on the ragged edge. You've got to respect the vehicle to keep it one piece.
  9. sashia
    Version: r12
    The mod was so good that it broke the driveshaft:)
  10. DenyG
    Version: r12
    Awesome mod, lot of power! Only problem is that when it passes around 220 kph the engine catches fire.