Tokoyama V-XII De-luxe 1.4

A compromiseless 90's Japanese Luxury Sedan

  1. Wan Shokunin
    An in-depth look At The New Tokoyama X-II DeLuxe

    "An attempt at its finest. The Tokoyama Deluxe Is a high-end luxury vehicle with one sole goal: To give the Occupants a true definition of comfort and luxurity, but with the sheer power of a sports car."
    "With the help of a Top of the line, Naturally aspirated, powerful, but nonetheless fuel efficient and perfectly balanced 338 Horsepower V12 DOHC Engine and a revolutionary 8 speed automatic transmission, the Tokoyama XII is able to glide along over highways as well as in tight packed city rushhours with a blink of the eye."
    "Featuring a Double Wishbone Hydropnuematic Suspension at the front and rear axle to guarantee the most smooth ride even on the worst roads possible, guiding the Vehicle flawless around every Corner."
    "Ceramic, 6 piston Brakes on all four wheels assure the best of braking power in any condition. Standardly equipped with an Antilock Braking System."

    "Traction Control and Electronic Stability Control gives the driver absolute safety in his steering and throttle inputs in every situation needed, making the Tokoyama XII one of the safest Cars on the road today."


    "Truly, a car without any compromises."

    Additional Specs:

    4995 ccm V12 48 Valve DOHC
    336hp @ 6000 U/min (RPM)
    334 lbt.ft @ 3900 U/min (RPM)
    10.5 compression ratio
    Naturally aspirated Multipoint EFI
    Rear Wheel Drive
    Gross weight: 2447 kg
    0-100 KM/H in 7.39 Sec
    0-60 MP/H in ca.7.00 Sec
    Rated Top speed 247 Km/h (153 Mp/h)

    The first time i upload. It is clearly inspired from the Toyota Century model. Since it's not an overused topic and i am happy with the design, i decided to give you all a try at this "flagship".

    Good luck, and have fun!


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Recent Reviews

  1. G-Farce
    Version: 1.4
    Very nice great power too
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