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Toban Raceway (rFactor 2 conversion) v1.0.2

Toban Raceway with all 3 configs using the road surface from the rfactor version.

  1. Texture fix

    Thanks to DrDoomsLab for fixing the texture issue. Was a funny line in the materials.cs.
  2. Terrain adjustments

    Fixed the terrain gap on the last tight turn.
  3. Textures and terrain allignment

    Changed and fixed many textures (thanks Fufsgfen and DrDoomsLab)
    Gone around the edges of the entire track with mesh roads to fill the gaps between the grass and road surface (much less/no tyre popping now)
    Added Toban Combo Time trial
    Removed many trees that were bunched up for performance gains

    The tarmac looks much more up to date now however some of the side objects still look like ghosts but you can barely see them from the track.

    The Combo time trial is one lap that consists of you...
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