Unsupported TMD configs pack 0.12

I want, I can't find, so I make.

  1. I got time again, so...

    Added 4 more config, 1 for etki, 1 for the midlife crysis, 2 for the bus.

    Redo some pictures

    Tuned superkart swapped Covet to make fast driving a lot easier, though it will still spin if not careful as it lacks electronic assistance and has a short wheelbase.

    cheap_drift_TMD.png failure_solution_TMD.png rush_bus.png superkart_swap_TMD.png wind_in_your_hair.png
  2. Some gone, some joined

    Three Pessimas removed because I dont like them anymore (one of them might come back in the future). Added 3 new configs, 1 for etk 800, covet, and plastic block. Also changed the sunburst config. Try them out yourselves.

  3. Pessimas fixed

    Finally got the 4WD system working as intended..... Now pessimas in this mod all work with v0.9.0.5.

    As usual, no modeling of new parts. I suck at blender, GIMP...... practically any type of artwork.
    TMD_cruiser.png TMD_drift_practice.png TMD_hp.png
  4. Fix

    So long since the last update :D
    The engine codes used by the game are very different now, so everything needs to be remade.
    At the moment, only the sunburst mod works, both pessimas don't have working engines, gearbox and differentials.
  5. fix

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