Unsupported TMD configs pack 0.12

I want, I can't find, so I make.

  1. Jurrunio
    School starts, and I won't be able to work on this for months, so I'll put it out first, and work on it in the next long holiday (hopefully) or after I graduate (2 years later).

    This is a set of configs I make because either I'm not satisfied with other mods or I simply can't find a mod with the config of a car I want.

    Things that are missing:
    - No custom skins
    - No custom badges

    No plans on making them myself. I just dont understand how to use the software for that, not to mention my horrible art skills. Give me a message if you want to help me on that.Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks to:
    BeamNG for creating this game, the map and the cars
    @Nadeox1 for creating the map SSRB, where the thumbnail is captured.
    @synsol for correcting my schoolboy errors
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  1. chipchocolate66
    Really Nice man!!
  2. cowboy905
    Version: V 0.1.1
    So far so good
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