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Beta Titan Prerunner 3.4

The original high-performance highly-edited baja truck for rough terrain and hard jumps

  1. 3.4 - Suspension tuning for Prerunner and Trophy

    I changed the velocity split for the suspensions on both the Prerunner and Trophy. Now, it will take a harder impact before the progressive damper gets stiffer,. but it gets even more stiffer than before.

    This ideally means the thing can take more small bumps, whilst it also has less trouble absorbing hard falls

    This also definitely helps the Trophy a lot; it still had extremely sensitive velocity split
  2. 3.2 Titan Utility gets better

    The Titan Utility now gains a supercharger, making the Titan Utility a twincharged vehicle. Idle RPM is now 300RPM, the engine revs less freely with a heavier flywheel, and the transmission has been tweaked to get rid of the awful torque converter slip. It now runs on a 5-speed semi-automatic transmission with the top two gears being notably taller than the previous transmission.
  3. 3.0 - The Prerunner Update

    The Prerunner Update

    The Prerunner Update brings many new improvements to the original high-performance Automation trophy truck

    These include:

    A new rollcage and body for the Titan Prerunner, along with new rear suspension. This ought to significantly improve both looks and handling

    Removed the front bumper on the Prerunner and Trophy versions

    Reduced ride height, stiffened fast bump...
  4. 2.12 - Open Beta Upgrades

    New updates including features from the Automation Open Beta!

    These features include:

    - Tow hitches
    - Functioning headers and exhausts
    - New paint
    - New engine sounds
    - Slightly changed visuals

    Also some more changes were made. Gone is the Titan Farmer, and introduced is the Titan Utility, which has a front and rear tow hitch. Make a train!

    The Prerunner and Trophy Trucks also have slightly updated suspensions. The Trophy Truck now uses a straight-through muffler instead of a baffled...
  5. 2.10 - Audible suspension + slight suspension tweaks

    Thanks to some Jbeam editing, the suspensions on the Prerunner and Trophy Truck now produce sound when compressed really quickly

    Also, I slightly altered the dampers on the Trophy Truck; it should smooth out bumps easier now.
  6. 2.8.1 - Small suspension tuning

    The Trophy Truck had dampers that were a bit too stiff so I went and softened them up a bit.
  7. 2.8 - Major suspension tuning & new setups

    It is currently 3:26 AM and I spent the past 8 hours straight tuning this thing

    kill me

    Anywho, welcome the all-new Titan Trophy Truck! The Trophy version complies with SCORE Trophy Truck regulations, and is very tough to drive due to being RWD, having 1016 horsepower, and weighing a whopping 5,500lb. That isn't even a prerunner anymore; that's a real Trophy Truck right there.

    Also lots (LOTS) of suspension tuning. I don't remember the specifics but I believe I reduced the fast bump...
  8. 2.6.1 - Custom progressive damping!

    New Jbeam-edited progressive dampers dramatically increase performance on the two prerunner variants.

    Now, on slow hits (for example, driving over bumps or riding sand dunes), the Titan has a softer damper setup, allowing the springs more freedom to ride the waves of the ground.

    However, on high impacts, such as landing a jump or hitting a steep ramp at a hundred miles an hour, the dampers will become extremely stiff, keeping the vehicle perfectly aligned and making sure absolutely no...
  9. 2.4 - Two new variants!

    The Titan Prerunner now comes in three variants

    Titan Prerunner: The standard off-road trophy truck with sturdy front suspension that can take a beating.

    Titan Prerunner solid: A variant with solid-axle coil-sprung front suspension with 40 inches of suspension travel, providing significantly improved off-road capability, however with the cost of a fragile front suspension setup.

    Titan Farmer: A civilian utility variant with an unusually powerful engine. Strengthened rear leaf springs...
  10. 2.0 - The Competition Update

    Major changes visually and a new engine and transmission, to bring the Titan up to specs with SCORE Trophy Truck specifications

    Changes include:

    Weight (previously 4,470lb, now 3,517 lb)
    Horsepower (previously 870, now 980)
    Torque (previously 1352 lb-ft, now 671 lb-ft)
    Gearbox (previously 7-speed automatic, now 6-speed sequential)
    Suspension (added a rear sway bar)
    And more small changes.

    The body was changed a bit to give the Titan a more serious and professional trophy truck look,...
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