Tipo 100 sound for the Piccolina. 1.69

A more authentic sound for the Piccolina.

  1. DankMemeBunny
    A sound mod just for the piccolina! It fits alot better than a flat four.
    This mod includes configs for easy access, and 2 engines one for racing and normal driving.

Recent Reviews

  1. michael_zowski
    Version: 1.69
    who knew cars could fart
    nice try tho
  2. ㅤWU_UTㅤ
    Version: 1.69
    Doesn't really sound good.
  3. ThatCarGuyDownTheStreet
    Version: 1.69
    The transition between rev ranges isn't all that great, I'd be willing to change this to 5 stars if you could patch that up a bit.
  4. EnjoyMyHItsYT
    Version: 1.69
    Sounds like fast....I dont like it
    1. DankMemeBunny
      Author's Response
      Well atleast this isnt a mesh slap.
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