Beta Thomas Lazar I 1.0

Luxury Car from '50s

  1. Thombike
    In 1952 using modernised engine from model Trako I Thomas Automobiles developed first luxus car production line. Model Lazar supplied in 3 body versions (Limousine, 2 door copue, Cabriolet) with 3 variants of power (125,155,180HP) from 2 different engines. Primary engine was iL6 3.5 liter from Trako but much improved. Optional Lazar was supplied in new iL6 3.6 liter builded especially for this model and never used in others Thomas cars.
    In prototype version Lazar was equipped in mighty V8 engine which produces 225HP but many other construction problems (esspecially with brakes) caused the concept of the V8 in it was abandonment.

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    Technical Data:
    Thomas Lazar 125S - base type Limousine
    Inline 6cyl. 3.5 ccm
    125HP/4700 rpm
    1508 kg
    12,8s. to 100km/h
    Airfield best: 1.50.94s

    Thomas Lazar 155SC/SCC - SC-Coupe/SCC - Cabrio

    Inline 6cyl. 3.5 ccm
    155HP/4800 rpm
    250Nm/3500 rpm
    11,6/13,1s. to 100km/h
    Airfield best: 1.48.39/1.54.63s

    Thomas Lazar 180S/SC - S-Limousine/SC - Coupe
    Inline 6cyl. 3.6 ccm
    178HP/5000 rpm
    260Nm/4700 rpm
    12,1/11,1s. to 100km/h
    Airfield best: 1.48.47/1.47.77s

    Thomas Lazar family
    screenshot_2019-08-22_18-25-34.png screenshot_2019-08-22_18-26-32.png screenshot_2019-08-22_18-27-16.png
    Thomas Lazar 125/1280S
    screenshot_2019-08-22_18-30-50.png screenshot_2019-08-22_18-32-28.png screenshot_2019-08-22_18-40-01.png screenshot_2019-08-22_18-43-02.png screenshot_2019-08-22_18-43-36.png
    Thomas Lazar 155SCC
    screenshot_2019-08-22_18-50-50.png screenshot_2019-08-22_18-52-34.png screenshot_2019-08-22_18-52-48.png screenshot_2019-08-22_18-53-06.png
    Thomas Lazar 155/180SC
    screenshot_2019-08-22_18-57-25.png screenshot_2019-08-22_18-57-55.png screenshot_2019-08-22_19-05-07.png screenshot_2019-08-22_19-05-51.png screenshot_2019-08-22_19-07-09.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Gerdafonik
    Version: 1.0
    Great car and very nice variant ideas. As always good job done by Thomas
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