Beta Thomas Bonan II 1.0

2nd generation of Bonan

  1. Thombike
    In 1956 Thomas released 2nd generation of his market bestseller - Bonan. Bona II comes with 3 body variants and 2 different engines. Actually it was one engine with two eficciency versions.
    Base engine it was iL4 cylinder 1.6 generated 80HP and 120Nm. More powerfull version gives 100HP and 133Nm.

    Bonan LS and HS (Low Stock/High Stock) was a 4 door limousine
    Bonan LSW (Low Stock Wagon) had kombi body for bigger families
    Bonan LSW Sahara 4x4 was a special variant of Bonan model family. First build was only for military use. it was first 4x4 Thomas car. Because in miltary service model Sahara demonstrated reliability and durability like no other car Thomas decidet to build civil limited version named Sahara (military version was named just Bonan MW (Military Wagon). Today model Sahara is very rare collector's item.

    First unzip file - is 4 cars in it!

    Bonan II 80LS
    screenshot_2019-08-18_11-28-38.png screenshot_2019-08-18_11-30-18.png screenshot_2019-08-18_11-34-53.png
    Bnonan II 100HS
    screenshot_2019-08-18_11-42-27.png screenshot_2019-08-18_11-47-44.png screenshot_2019-08-18_12-05-54.png
    Bonan II 80LSW
    screenshot_2019-08-18_12-14-21.png screenshot_2019-08-18_12-26-51.png screenshot_2019-08-18_12-30-59.png screenshot_2019-08-18_12-34-56.png
    Bonan II 100LSW Sahara 4x4
    screenshot_2019-08-18_12-40-09.png screenshot_2019-08-18_12-41-53.png screenshot_2019-08-18_12-45-07.png screenshot_2019-08-18_12-47-14.png screenshot_2019-08-18_12-47-46.png
    Bonan II family

Recent Reviews

  1. Joe-san Wolf
    Joe-san Wolf
    Version: 1.0
    This a good result of if you mixed a Austin A35 with a Land Rover Series 2.
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