Outdated The ULTIMATE Drifter's Mod Pack! 1.5

The Ultimate Drift Pack!!

  1. The Ultimate Drifters Mod Pack

    UkDrifter (UK)
    Fixed sunburst steering
    Fixed 3 wheeler steering
    Tweaked all steering!

    Any issues please message before reviewing thank you!!
  2. UkFabrications Drift Pack!

    UkDrifter (UK)
    Added Wide Drift Steering for:

    Bolide:90% done needs a few tweaks
    Mirimar: 100% Felt amazing on testing!
    Picolina: 80% Felt Ok ish needs tweaking!
  3. UkFabrications

    UkDrifter (UK)
    Few more tweaks to most cars
    Added a few tweaks to the 200BX Engine mod

    My plans
    Add a street style angle kit.

    Any suggestions I appreciate it!
  4. The ULTIMATE Drifter's Mod Pack!

    UkDrifter (UK)
    Few tweaks to all cars!
    Added some custom horns!
    Added some body kits and tuning parts for the 200BX
    Added loads of custom configs
    Added loads of parts for all cars
    Stance builds

    Any issues please try clearing cache before asking :)
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