Outdated The Puzzle Cube V2.0.3

A portal inspired puzzle scenario pack (Campaigns Included)

  1. Fixes and News

    Since the last update, some thing shave changed.

    The main fix included is that the skybox from the mirrored cubes were causing issues on any scenario and terrain which used small grid pure. Unfortunately, there is little I can do to make the glass more see through so the glass has been left alone.

    Also, regarding the V3 update: there likely will not be a V3 update as this mod is becoming really difficult for me to work with and I am really not enjoying updating it. That being said, I will...
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  2. Major Fixes!

    Finally fixed some stubborn bugs in the code! Changes as of now:
    • Gravity timer works properly
    • Cubes can be entered into an 'anvil' area before gravity being applied to prime the area. Once gravity is applied, then the cube activates that area
    • All UI messages are now using the top left messages format to increase conciseness and to be able to stack
    Features that will be implemented in the V3 overhaul:
    • Higher resolution models of portals
    • Internal storage...
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  3. Removed random sign

    • Removed random sign in cube 9B
    • Currently working on a way to move cubes around easily. Go to the puzzle cube group to check it out and let me know your thoughts! (There are some problems that I know of and it probably might crash if you do something crazy - therefore I did not include it in this update)
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  4. Fully finished the second testing facility

    • Branded all cubes
    • Changed the message for gravity
    • Added cubes 2-4 --> 2-9
    • Changed cube 2-1, and 2-5
    • Added campaign for second facility
    • Changed the colour of the mirror to be more transparent. I would like it to be more transparent but I can't seem to make it any more transparent due to it being at 1% transparency already
    • The music for the last level may or may not be loud. I set it at a level which suited me and how I set up my audio for the sound of the game. I...
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  5. Hotfix

    • Quick hot-fix to fix some issues with the campaign which hopefully fixes some issues with the campaign not working.
  6. Mirror mirror...

    • Added 3 more scenarios at a different testing facility.
    • New mechanic where the reflected cube reveals invisible paths in the reality cube.
    • Consider this part 1 of the new testing facility (9 scenarios planned in total), hence the reason why the campaign is not yet included
    • Hope it keeps you occupied while I implement the next 6 or so :)
    • I have done a fair bit of testing but I have probably missed something, so if you find a bug, don't hesitate to report it. Thanks for...
  7. Reset fix for all cubes

    • Force the cubes to reload multiple times to fix any reloading issues you may have been experiencing.
    • Once again, let me know if you are still experiencing issues:). You can either do this in the discussion tab or the new group for this mod, linked at the main page of this mod.
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  8. Final fixes - hopefully

    • Hopefully fixed the triggering issues - cubes can now be put into the designated areas and then gravity activated
    • Also changed the portal sounds to be less obnoxious
    • Also fixed the campaign as the names changed
    • I am very sorry to those who got frustrated by this - DO LET ME KNOW IF IT STILL DOES NOT WORK! Thanks :)
    • There is now a group which will give you access to early content, bug submission and allows you to contribute to the scenario pack:...
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  9. Code tweaks

    (Edit: Forget to remove debug code :p)

    Mainly just making the code more efficient with some tweaks:
    • Cube 2 - made Boolean variables into a table
    • Cube 3 - fixed the last door presenting the message twice; also made the triggering of boxes a separate function
    • Cube 6 - made Boolean variables into a table; also fixed box 3 not being correctly teleported
    • Cube 7 - removed unnecessary variables and replaced most Boolean variables with a table
    • Cube 8 - made the triggering of...
  10. Campaign-ised the pack!

    • Scenarios are now contained within the campaign section (they are still available within the scenarios section if you want to select a specific level)
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