Outdated The Puzzle Cube V2.0.3

A portal inspired puzzle scenario pack (Campaigns Included)

  1. Major Fixes!

    Finally fixed some stubborn bugs in the code! Changes as of now:
    • Gravity timer works properly
    • Cubes can be entered into an 'anvil' area before gravity being applied to prime the area. Once gravity is applied, then the cube activates that area
    • All UI messages are now using the top left messages format to increase conciseness and to be able to stack
    Features that will be implemented in the V3 overhaul:
    • Higher resolution models of portals
    • Internal storage for cubes so you don't have to push them around
    • *Hopefully* some sort of scoring system/save system if possible. Not sure how do-able this is but we'll see ;)
    While I will likely update this mod for the V3 overhaul soon enough, I felt it necessary to post a version that fixes some of the game breaking bugs - if there are any overlooked bugs still left in, let me know :)

    Happy Puzzling!
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