Outdated The Puzzle Cube V2.0.3

A portal inspired puzzle scenario pack (Campaigns Included)

  1. Code tweaks

    (Edit: Forget to remove debug code :p)

    Mainly just making the code more efficient with some tweaks:
    • Cube 2 - made Boolean variables into a table
    • Cube 3 - fixed the last door presenting the message twice; also made the triggering of boxes a separate function
    • Cube 6 - made Boolean variables into a table; also fixed box 3 not being correctly teleported
    • Cube 7 - removed unnecessary variables and replaced most Boolean variables with a table
    • Cube 8 - made the triggering of gravity and the triggering of cubes their own function
    • Cube 9 - made Integer variables as well as Boolean variables into a table
    Update coming with some more levels, not sure when but it's on its way :)
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