Outdated The Puzzle Cube V2.0.3

A portal inspired puzzle scenario pack (Campaigns Included)

  1. Fully finished the second testing facility

    • Branded all cubes
    • Changed the message for gravity
    • Added cubes 2-4 --> 2-9
    • Changed cube 2-1, and 2-5
    • Added campaign for second facility
    • Changed the colour of the mirror to be more transparent. I would like it to be more transparent but I can't seem to make it any more transparent due to it being at 1% transparency already
    • The music for the last level may or may not be loud. I set it at a level which suited me and how I set up my audio for the sound of the game. I imagine it is a bit controversial but if it does seem loud, them you can lower the sound effects in the menu.
    • Many hours of testing has taken place to try and make this update smooth and bug free, though if you do find some issues, then please let me know and report them :)
    Hope you enjoy this update as much I have enjoyed making them :)

    screenshot_00029.png screenshot_00030.png screenshot_00031.png screenshot_00032.png screenshot_00033.png screenshot_00034.png
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