The Offroad Moonhawk/Pickup 1.2.0

To the mountain top and beyond!

  1. Updated engine sound

    Added the new engine sound system
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  2. Added the MoonJumper info

    - Added the MoonJumper info
  3. Added the MoonBulance + fixes

    - Added the MoonBulance
    - Added the MoonJumper variant
    - Added new innerfenders, new J-beam and model
    - Fixed the missing licence plates
  4. Fix for missing bumpers and Roofrack

    - Added in the missing models for the bumper and roof rack
  5. Added descriptions

    - Added descriptions for the configs, mostly by: RealPoptartBacon
  6. New Camera, Heavyduty radiator

    Added internal camera to the pickup
    Added a heavy duty radiator option
  7. Fixed missing axle, added default car setup

    Fixed missing axle, added default car setup
  8. Fixed duplicated seats

    Fixed duplicated seats
  9. Renamed all the slot names

    Now there is only one copy of each part in the part menu,
    renamed everything that was double.
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