Experimental The Modular Destructible Building 2.0 Pre-1

Either park your car in it, or just ram it as hard as you can!

  1. Toron Beldevar
    The Modular Destructible Building
    Reconstructed from the ground up.


    Yes, folks. After four years, this thing is coming back and will be much better than ever before. (And by "will be", I mean this thing isn't done yet, just in case you missed the "Experimental" tag up top. It is, however, at that point where I'm comfortable with giving it a wider release than "here test this prototype from the forums and get back to me". If you are a monetized mod reviewer, then I strongly suggest that you wait until the Beta or Final release of Version 2.0 to showcase this mod in one of your videos.)

    Anyway, this is the destructible building. It's a simple prop which can be used as it is intended, such as parking your car inside it to protect it from most anything, or destroyed like it deserves to be, whether it's with another prop or a vehicle of some sort.

    This version of the building is very much unlike the version from over four years ago. That thing was awful. But this thing is comparatively top-notch. The walls are more like walls and no longer disappear when hit. The structure itself is substantially more stable. And the best part? Walls can be changed or removed, so that you can customize this thing as much as you'd like to. And while, in this first release, the customization is rather minimal, it's still a bit of an appetizer before the dinner, in a sense. Also, the color map can affect the appearance of the entire building, so you're able to make it matte black, hot pink, or even just chrome. Just don't use dynamic reflections with it, though, because they look horrible on this thing for some reason.


    Want to use the building? Simply click any of those buttons up top to download the mod and it should be ready to go! A couple of things, though. I strongly suggest that you try to spawn the building on flat ground, because it isn't constructed to withstand a fall of any severity. (Buildings aren't made to fall down anyway. XD) Also, the building does have more nodes and beams than a lot of the game's official content, so as long as you've got something better than a dual-core i3 with integrated graphics unit (which is what my laptop uses, by the way) then you should be able to run this thing pretty well.

    The current release (as of 18 June 2019) features the following content:
    • One base with the following options: four walls, front + rear walls, left + right walls.
    • Three types of front/rear walls: "Plain", "Windows", "Garage Opening".
    • Two types of left/right walls: "Plain", "Windows".
    • Two preset configurations: "Simple, Single", "Simple, Single with Windows"
    More content will be added every so often. I already have a couple of things planned for future reference:
    • More types of walls, means more customization
    • The ability to add more bases via parts configurator, so you can make a larger albeit more resource-intensive destructible building
    • Textures, so that the building doesn't look so plain and flat-looking
    Of course, I am also open to suggestions! One thing I ask is that you post suggestions in the mod's discussion thread, rather than in your review. And also realize that the building is still undergoing fundamental development, so just keep that in mind if you seem dissatisfied with the current state of the mod. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, though! And with that being said, have fun using the Modular Destructible Building!

Recent Reviews

  1. BobTheBuilder333
    Version: 2.0 Pre-1
    I Love it! It's not even glitchy on my weak computer!
  2. Gustav Munch Petersen
    Gustav Munch Petersen
    Version: 2.0 Pre-1
    bvygurjnmcvft 8
  3. Илья Каримов
    Илья Каримов
    Version: 2.0 Pre-1
    Kinda outdated at 0.18
  4. TheHealthyDonut
    Version: 2.0 Pre-1
    Is this the Top Gear production office?
  5. Theodore The Class B20
    Theodore The Class B20
    Version: 2.0 Pre-1
    optimize it and i will give it 5 stars, my PC can run BeamNG at a decent framerate, but this just lags it for some reason
  6. Ty2525
    Version: 2.0 Pre-1
    I think the concept is a great idea. An improvements could obviously be optimization. But this isn't really your fault since beamng refuses to let users decide if vehicles and props can use multiple cores. However, something you could do is lower the amount of blocks are used. Make them bigger to construct the full size building. This would lower the amount of collidable objects, and in return lower the stress on the single unfortunate core that is tasked with running an object that really should be using 2. This isn't the best solution, I know, because then you lose realism in crashes but I think this would make a big difference. Also, adding a skin to it to make it look like a building of some sort would be a great addition that would give the building some life. But all-in-all, I think you did a fantastic job with what you are given.
  7. Any Name You Wish
    Any Name You Wish
    Version: 2.0 Pre-1
    My computer just wrote me a suicide note.....

    it's so laggy, but if you optimize it, it will literally be one of the best mods I know
  8. umustbeloggedintododat
    Version: 2.0 Pre-1
    Nice, but it gives my PC stress, at least it's not worse as that CrashHard truck.
    Version: 2.0 Pre-1
    Utterly destroys my fps, still fun
    1. Toron Beldevar
      Author's Response
      I'll try to find ways to optimize the performance of the prop for the next version, thank you. :)
  10. EdxTm
    Version: 2.0 Pre-1
    Lot's of fun
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