Beta The Kings Keep by mxt333 2.0

A Game of Throne's map

  1. MxT333
    Winter is coming!
    This is my 5th map.
    A work in progress, based on the show: Game of Thrones
    Can you make it all the way? lol

    Things to note:

    Takes approximately 15 - 20 mins for the sun to come up
    Some things just pop tires (needs work)
    Some things just drive thru them.
    Only one way in, and two ways out.
    Death doesnt count unless its in the Kings name.

    Credits to 3D Warehouse modelers:
    MrHook for the buildings, FurFab for the animals
    BeamNG team for their awesome game and models, editor and ability to create and share. for their seamless ground textures
    Friends that seen the map process creation and helped out.
    davidinark for the map testing and videos.
    bob.blunderton for the map editor tips.

    Programs used:
    GIMP + dds plugin
    nVidia normal map plugin + dds plugin

    Community feedback and input what to add is needed!
    Any problems or concerns, feedback and useful comments to the map creation/evolution use the Forums HERE :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Coolkyleko
    Version: 2.0
    This map is very good but why are there floating trees?
  2. Dean Wang
    Dean Wang
    Version: 2.0
    this map is too uner rated
  3. JetPoweredMacintoshâ„¢
    Version: 2.0
    Nice map. OFFRDER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  4. bob.blunderton
    Version: 1.1.1
    I'm giving this a GOOD rating. I tried this map, and I'd have to say I did have fun in it. The castle is quite the focal point here, obviously.
    While in reviews it's been noted 'it looks like it's from Minecraft' - I don't care - this isn't a minecraft castle, this castle is just boxy - but I am totally cool with that BECAUSE it hits FPS enough as it stands and rounding off all those edges will just hit the FPS more - so - It's just dandy the way it is.
    It's full of plenty of jumps that will try your skills especially if you play via keyboard - BUT - nothing is impossible - again, even with a keyboard. I also managed to knock FPS up about 10% on average near the castle by changing the meshculling from 0 to 1 in the main mis file (but that's only for other mappers to do). Other points to note is a lot of effort put into the environment, obviously, soundstage, animals, water and an ample forest set the environment up for some decent immersion. I was somewhat disappointed in the fact that the road banking wasn't up to par in some places and proved difficult, though this isn't a very time-consuming fix if you know the tricks of the editor, nor is it game-breakingly bad. That being said, the roads are still passable with the appropriate vehicle (rally Pessima), or any of the 4x4 trucks. Again, 4 stars for the effort, originality, and that it's not just a copy of 'every other map' out there. The setting is very unique and I will definitely keep an eye on this for future versions. An RX 480 8gb will keep this at 34~60fps at all times. Recommended for best FPS is a Nvidia GTX 6553680 video card, or a Radeon R32768 Uranus series :)
  5. Blijo
    Version: 1.1.1
    The idea is good and the houses and sounds are cool too.
    But: The roads are nearly undrivable because of the bankings, the FPS is incredibly low for the amount of detail, the castle looks like it is made with minecraft. The ramps in the castle don't fit (they are too short). And there are gaps betweeen some walls.

    I suggest you try to improve these points, and then I will review again :)
    Good luck!
    1. MxT333
      Author's Response
      Yes this is version 1 beta
      2) I didnt want to make the roads too smooth but rally style
      3) The castle was made in parts
      4) Its mathematically impossible for there to be gaps between walls
      5) some ramps are jumps onto platforms (the gap is there for a reason)

      Also If theres something you dont like you could always just use the forum to state your opinion, a low rating for a Beta map that just came out doesn't really help. So my suggestion to you is use the forums & don't review again.
      Post your screenshots along with your computer specs and I might try to optimize the frame rate issues.
  6. LucasBE
    Version: 1.1.1
    Good mod! I have great ideas for you :

    - Custom skyboxes are your friends!
    - Roads need to be more Smooth
    1. MxT333
      Author's Response
      workin on the roads to be more rally style smooth yes!
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