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Beta The Isle of Longford 1.2 fix 2

A.K.A longford isle or evil ram isle

  1. Minor fix for version 1.2

    Minor fix for version 1.2 (fixed the improperly laid out level folder structure)
  2. More fixes, (WIP) bus routes

    Hey guys, I'm back. This is going to be my last update for a while since i have exams. But don't worry, I'll be back before you know it! I've finally fixed the city spawn (now it's in the road instead of the sidewalk), and there are also some bus routes. They are very WIP, and there is one problem where the arrows don't show up in the elevated section of bus route 2. Here's what I mean:

    There's nothing I can do about it, just keep going straight until you reach the...
  3. Version 1.1

    Added AI for all bridges, minor fixes
    (The spawns remain unchanged, the main city one will be moved for the next update)
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