Beta The Crash Hard 2.0 Map 1.0.1

The sequel to The Crash Hard Map

  1. Fix for action cam and fog

    Crash Hard 01
    - Fix for camera not going back to standard camera after triggering the action camera on the long canyon jump
    - Tried to make a middle thing between foggy and blue sky (I need to hide the bad textures for far away terrain, people) ;)
  2. The other half of the map is all filled in

    Crash Hard 01
    Finally the day has come, the map is all filled in.
    - A steep down hill track
    - Suspension test 2.0
    - Vs/Duel track 2.0
    - Endurance Test Track
    - Asphalt Figure 8 track
    - Cliff Drop Test
    - And some fun stuff to do down in the big canyon
  3. More tree texture fixes

    Crash Hard 01
    - More missing tree texture fixes
  4. Fixed tree texture missing

    Crash Hard 01
    - Fixed tree missing texture
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