Outdated The Bridge Connundrum: A BeamNG Story V1.0.5

The story of one person's pessima in the quest for justice

  1. Darthbob555
    The scenarios on their own SHOULD work but the new update broke the campaign. A fix is in the works but the current version may not work as expected!

    Something I have been working on for a few days and I hope you enjoy! It isn't the most exciting story but it is something to compliment some context into a scenario. Most importantly, have fun (the first few chapters are not very taxing at all.)!
    In the heart of east coast USA, one person is still working at the saw mill. Little do they know that their pessima, a red, cheap, rusty car will be going on a journey of a lifetime.
    This is a story of a person trying to find out why certain events have occurred and finally conclude and takedown the person responsible for these acts of crime.
    This consists of 7 chapters; some of which have more than one vehicle so the scenario may run bad on low end computers.

    IMPORTANT: Pause the game as soon as chapter 5 loads for maximum effect.

    If you played the second story, operation 235, and you have played this one, send feedback here: https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/d/1mEaWqfDAae6kP3V7LwPKh8cfuYoU-AEGxdhNpSXPcGo Thanks for your support so I can create better stories :)

    Also, finally got around to making a group for this so if you would like to join, here is the link: http://www.beamng.com/forums/beamng-stories.417/


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Recent Reviews

  1. ERA - Nytox
    ERA - Nytox
    Version: V1.0.5
    Very good story
  2. Tha Smit
    Tha Smit
    Version: V1.0.4
    Not bad, we need more of this stuff to help the wait for the official campaign :P
  3. Standard
    Version: V1.0.4
    Would be better with a I6 Moonhawk, but great nonetheless.
  4. carmenara
    Version: V1.0.4
    Rating: *****

    Made you a bonus wallpaper!

    A night in the Pessima takes on a fiery turn as the police SUV appears out of the black fog enveloping the night. A sound of a distant detonation shatters the tranquil countryside. Vivid recollections of prosecution runs through the protagonist's mind as the torque converter raises a defiant whine, as dozens of horsepowers flow past its weary impellers.

    Battered, bruised and hunted, the lone Pessima becomes humanity's last hope against the evil augmented cement mixer.

    An epic battle rages amid the arid Utah sky, thunder rolls amid the sundering of reinforced concrete.

    I always thought the humble, unappreciated 1st gen Pessima was destined for greatness. I am not disappointed.
  5. Pessima
    Version: V1.0.4
  6. Sunset Drive
    Sunset Drive
    Version: V1.0.4
    The Bridge Kerfuffle
  7. TheMightyWolf
    Version: V1.0.3
    The story is downright amazing, but I'm having a technical bug in 7.0.2 where chapters 5, 6, and 7 are unplayable. all the textures except for the bridges become white and glow making it impossible to see where I'm going. I gave up on 5, and am trying 7 very hard. it is impossible to follow john because whenever he takes to a dirt road, the clouds of dust become pure white and very large forcing me to fall back.
  8. ILoveDeloreans
    Version: V1.0.3
    The story doesn't really make much sense, but it is creative. The scenarios are well put together. overall 7/10
  9. FilsFilms
    Version: V1.0.3
    It was a good pleasure to play it!
    Loved the chapter where Roamer chases you, that was a bit scary though. :)
  10. carkillerman12
    Version: V1.0.3
    love it,may make a video on it
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      Second on is out if you want to try it :)
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