Unsupported The Bolide Pack 1.2

A pack of configs, skins and various other stuff, all for the Bolide

  1. SKINS! CONFIGS! er... ESC?!

    I MADE SOME SKINS! now you can't say I just made a few configs in 5 minutes...

    Driving School Livery - edited version of the covet driving school livery
    Carbon Bodywork - bit self-explanatory, but it's a carbon fibre look
    Civetta Special - a double stripe down the side, inspired by the Maserati MC12's iconic paint job
    Nomi - Nomi livery inspired by the various Nomi skins in the DPMP
    Ricer - Basically the street tuned livery from the sunburst horribly ported to the Bolide's UVs...
  2. Improved some stuff, and new config

    Improved some of the configurations, including a new colour theme and rename of the 350S and remade the 390 Sport.
    New configuration: the Giorno! A counterpart for the stock Notte config for more extreme driving.
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