Outdated The BeamNG Blackhole V1.2.1

Because black spiny death disc didn't quite roll off the tongue as much

  1. Fixed a bug

    Fixed scenario not finishing.
  2. Multiple vehicle support

    More than one vehicle can now be affected by the blackhole(s) in the testing scenarios. Some misc cleanup and HTML files have also been changed but nothing major.

  3. Fixed scenario failure/success

    • Simply fixes the failure and success screens to work with the 0.10 update
  4. New scenario!

    Added a new scenario - a sandbox scenario but with not one, not two, but three blackholes in it. I wanted to have this be an option in the existing sandbox scenario but had some difficulties and so it has become its own scenario.

    I have also implemented a cap on the amount of pull a blackhole can have at any one time to reduce the chance of extreme values. However, this does not solve all the opportunities for a vehicle to be stretched and cause instability.

    Have fun!


    1. screenshot_00051.png
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  5. Sandbox addition

    Since the last update, I have added a sandbox area with just you and the blackhole. You can change your car in this scenario (instructions included in scenario).

    I was hoping for this to take nowhere near as long but I had a few complications with the code.

    It is at a state where it is functional enough but I intend to add the following:
    • Multiple blackholes
    • Multiple vehicles (not yet supported even though the preview suggests so)
    • Change the pull of blackhole(s)
    • Reduce...
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  6. Reset function fix

    Fixed the reset system not correctly triggering if the player resets during the explosion phase.

    Also, the timings have been tweaked again so there will be only one universal file (ie, frames shouldn't make too much difference to the timings. Tested with 30-60FPS). Though, i am sure that if you get 120FPS, things might be double the speed for you.
  7. An optional update that changes timings a bit

    The original timings between events and messages was such that they would be perfectly spaced if the game ran at 30 frames a second (what I commonly use for playing BeamNG and doing other work)

    This means that if you average around 60 frames per second, then everything will happen two times faster than intended, which means you may not be able to read text quick enough because they are vanishing too quickly/happening.

    This update simply makes all the timings happen two times slower, so...
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