Outdated The BeamNG Blackhole V1.2.1

Because black spiny death disc didn't quite roll off the tongue as much

  1. An optional update that changes timings a bit

    The original timings between events and messages was such that they would be perfectly spaced if the game ran at 30 frames a second (what I commonly use for playing BeamNG and doing other work)

    This means that if you average around 60 frames per second, then everything will happen two times faster than intended, which means you may not be able to read text quick enough because they are vanishing too quickly/happening.

    This update simply makes all the timings happen two times slower, so everything should be at correct intervals if you get 60 FPS.

    If you don't get 60 FPS, this update may not apply to you, thus it is optional - though if you need more time to read the messages and experience the scenario, this should help slow things down.

    I have not fixed a bug where the car will accelerate upwards after selecting free-roam as quite a number of people find it a great laugh ;)

    Thank you for all the kind words and reviews so far, I intend to add something else to this soon :)
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