Beta TFH Miramar[Diesel Update] 1.1.0

Because racecar

  1. TunerFromHell
    All my new mods now are in work. You can check progress here:

    Hello there) Now I tried to do small packs for slow cars as Miramar. In stock it has 203hp max (without nitrous and with exhaust). With my pack you can reach 745hp, but with chance ruining the engine by huge amount of torque.

    Added 2.1L diesel I4 engine with turbos.
    Stock - 85hp
    Maxed - 265hp
    Added one config with diesel engine.

    First of all - engine. I added new 2.3L I4 engine with ported DOCH cylinderhead. It has more power and can handle more torque.
    Second upgrade - Aerodynamics. Added more downforce for front airdam (variable)
    Third upgrade - New radiator for powerful engines.
    Fourth upgrade - Turbo and STUTUTUTUTU)
    Photo of torque curve on maxed 2.3L engine:
    Photo of torque curve on stock 2.3L engine:
    BONUS: Tune From Hell config (because now Miramar can reach 300+kph)

    If you want to support me - here is my Patreon:

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  1. Added new and fun diesel engine

Recent Reviews

  1. Billyboi173
    Version: 1.1.0
    do you reckon you could make a mod for that diesel in the d series? it would be rediculously slow and underpowerd but cool!
    1. TunerFromHell
      Author's Response
      You read my mind) I think i can do it, I will add turbo (because my next mod is turbo pack :) ), and update my blocks to work with that diesel)
  2. bastion.exe
    Version: 1.0.0
    are you russian?
    1. TunerFromHell
      Author's Response
      Missed) I'm from Ukraine
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