TazzNet Vento Track X Coupe 1.0

The Vento V10 Special. An experimental AWD coupe with 623HP. (Top Trim LvL)

  1. akrazytazz
    *NOTE: My cars are not meant to be crazy realistic but rather 'arcade' cars.*


    The Vento Track X Coupe is a rear bias AWD GT/Muscle/Fun-Premium car that seats 2, has an experimental 5.5L 623.7HP/417.2Tq V10, spins up to 8,300 RPM and gets 23MPG. Weighs 4,658Lbs. Fun for lumbering around the corners of the Utah map at medium speeds or comfortably getting up to a max speed of 210MPH. It can take corners 'fairly' well, though it handles on the heavy side. Good for chases, or for outrunning lower trims!

    The Vento comes in 3 variations, and one V10 special.
    This is the V10 Special, priced at $69,000

    The V10 Special was meant to be the final push for performance of this model, but ended up being the foundation for the Axium, as seen through their visual similarities and a similar -but different- powertrain. The base model Axium still wins against this in a race, making for a nice little transitory car between the two models.

    *If you would like to use my cars for anything just shoot me a message and we can talk about it! :)*
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