Takareda Pista Ultima 1.0

Drive the 'Ultima'te.

  1. proudengineer
    a Sabalo colored Ultima, the final Pista ever made in 15th December of 1999, is on the way to its owner in Shizuoka City.
    After 8 years of a tough production life, in December of 1998, Japanese mainstream automaker Takareda sadly decides to end its super-sports model Pista without a direct successor and just released its final edition trim, the Ultima. This very limited-production trim was sold in Japan only in 1500 pieces, and it marks the demise of the most wonderful decade of the Japanese motoring enthusiasm.

    In comparation to its older models, Ultima was the most advanced package of Pista. For the first (and the last time), Pista Ultima features ABS with traction and electronic stability control, driver-front passenger and side airbags, Aiwa-Sama premium entertainment and GPS navigation system with 100W output and a special metallic color called "Sabalo".

    Pista Ultima's infamous 3.0 liter 60 degree V6 engine is now "Tuned-in-Sweden" and churns 342 kW@7700 rpm of power and 450 Nm@7100 rpm of torque out with 0.9 bar intercooled twin turbochargers. Combined with 6 speed close-ratio manual transmission and electronically-controlled permanent all wheel drive system only. With this technical specifications, officials of the Takareda said that Ultima trim was a tribute to Takareda built fighter and bomber aircrafts of IJNAF back in WW2.


    Technical specifications:

    • Engine: 2972 cc 60 degree V6, water cooled, DOHC 24V 0.9 bar twin-turbocharged gasoline engine with sequential MPFI runs on 100 octane ultimate.
    • Drivetrain: 6 speed manual transmission with single dry plate clutch, transversely mounted engine, all-wheel-drive layout with E-LSD. 45%F to 55%R torque split.
    • Chassis and Suspension: Partial aluminum unibody 3 door coupe; front McPherson struts, rear semi trailing arms.
    • Wheels: Dunlap 235/45R17V 96Y all steel sports compound tires with 7Jx17 "Turbine" alloy rims.
    • Brakes: 325 mm diameter vented discs with quad piston caliper, 290 mm vented discs with single piston caliper. With ABS-TCS and ESP.
    • Wheelbase: 2450 mm
    • Performance:
      • Maximum power and torque: 465 PS@7400 rpm, 450 Nm@7100 rpm.
      • Maximum speed: 320 km/h
      • Acceleration in 0-100 km/h: 5.7 seconds
      • Braking distance for 100-0 km/h: 38.5 m

    About the mod: Mod features a very detailed interior, accurate and detailed data taken from original Automation .car file, Hirochi SBR's some colors (plus one more as default called Sabalo).
    Many thanks to:
    Keudn and Simmer for decals
    Maxbombe for interior parts
    Taxi 800 for headlights and taillights

    How it started...

    Pre-production model of Pista, April 1990

    How it ended:

    Final Pista ever made, December 1999
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