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T-series More Engines Mod 3.1

2-stroke power or modern efficiency

  1. New models and sounds

    This update brings some major changes, including turbocharger models for the 2-stroke diesels, and new 2-stroke engine sounds from @Semi_Sound_Doctor . The full list of changes is as follows:
    • New Turbocharger models for V8 and V12 diesels
    • New Engine sounds for V8 and V12 diesels, taken from a DD 8v71 mod created by @Semi_Sound_Doctor. The full mod can be found here.
    • Improved sounds for both Jargl engines
    • Turbocharger behavior for all engines has been improved
    • The Jargl 6-speed automatic transmission has improved shift behavior
    Unfortunately custom sounds for the Jargl engines is still a work in progress, but hopefully should come in a future update.
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