Sunburst Vanilla Vintage 1

The classic flashy coupe

  1. Rumble (Sunburst)
    Sunburst Automotives is a new and rising car company invented by Romanian engineer Rumble and his loyal designer Apollo, the company was created in 1949 with its first model "Sunburst Nebula".

    The 1951 Sunburst Vanilla is the perfect car for you speedy teen needs. The big and loud V8 under its bonnet is the only sound you will hear when the car hits 100 MPH.

    Full specs:
    -A big V8 (5.5L) Producing almost 200 HP
    -Top speed of 132 MPH
    -Sports Interior with a removable soft top
    -Quick and agile steering
    -0-60 in 13.32 Seconds
    -0-100 in 26.50 Seconds

    This beautifull RWD Coupe will get you to where you need in style. The dark blue paint will stand out just like a sheep in an open field.

    The price for all of this is a solid 10000$ (VAT Included).

    -"Sunburst.. for the passionate people"

    (Discord link:


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