Sunburst Transporter (classique) C1

The Vintage Romanian Pickup Truck

  1. Rumble (Sunburst)
    Sunburst Automotives is a new and rising car company invented by Romanian engineer Rumble and his loyal designer Apollo, the company was created in 1949 with its first model "Sunburst Nebula".

    Sunburst presents... Our first ever pickup truck!

    The sunburst Transporter will fulfill all of your heavy duty load needs and will provide great offroad capabilities and quite an amazing ride.

    Full specs list:
    ->4001cc naturally aspurated V8 Producing a total of 118 Horsepower
    ->manual locking 4WD and differential locking
    ->4 speed manual gearbox
    ->Hard long life tyres
    ->P185/90C 17 122Q Rim profile
    ->Steel rims
    ->Drum Brakes focused on comfort
    ->Offroad skidtray
    ->2 seats configuration with a premium AM radio
    ->Advanced 40's safety
    ->Offroad standard suspension
    ->A top speed of 118MPH

    This standard pickup truck is quite lightweight. It is a combination of simplicity and practicallity.

    The polished leather interior gives that feeling of comfort that every car should have, it comes with a premium AM radio so you can always listen to your favourite stations.

    All of this can be yours for only 12000€ (VAT included)

    "Sunburst, for the passionate people"

    (P.S No you dont have to pay to use this mod)|

    Join our discord at:
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