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Beta Sunburst Rock Crawler 0.1.5

Hopper: Finally! A worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!

  1. LJ74
    This will eventually grow to some of the other official cars but for now it's only on the sunburst which is why the filename is ljcrawlerpack not crawlersunburst

    I've always wanted to add more off-road parts to the sunburst so when the Hopper Crawler came out I just knew I had to do it.

    The only mechanical thing that is from the sunburst is the rear half of the exhaust :p everything else is swapped from the Hopper Crawler.

    Planned things:
    Rear Bumper
    Roof Rack with stuff on top
    Maybe make it for NinetyNine!'s wagon as well if I can get permissions because that would be sick!

    screenshot_2019-12-23_03-29-15.png screenshot_2019-12-23_18-23-56.png screenshot_2019-12-23_21-13-07.png screenshot_2019-12-23_21-22-57.png screenshot_2019-12-22_20-10-48.png screenshot_2019-12-22_20-11-25.png screenshot_2019-12-22_22-25-27.png

    Body skin UV's will be fixed in a future update

    Please report any other bugs in DM's not the reviews as the reviews don't have back to back conversing so it would be hard to debug

    Thanks! :D

Recent Reviews

  1. Ducky/Lomeleet
    Version: 0.1.5
    It's so good, that is litteraly a replace of the Hopper Crawler
  2. G-Farce
    Version: 0.1.5
  3. NeoSlx
    Version: 0.1.5
    Would like to see custom fenders to fit the larger wheels, especially in the rear, as the fenders there are much too small to fit the different wheels; otherwise great concept of a mod
  4. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Version: 0.1.5
    Is it me or does the 5.5 feel a little gutless on acceleration other than that its great
  5. L-ROD_RG11
    Version: 0.1.2
    I really like it! I hope you do the D Series next :D
  6. Night Wing Zero
    Night Wing Zero
    Version: 0.1.2
    Very nice mod m8 :D
  7. Braxton taylor
    Braxton taylor
    Version: 0.1.2
    great, i would love to see a newer pessima next
  8. Lambo54098
    Version: 0.1.2
    This was a great christmas present 10/10
  9. supercharge71
    Version: 0.1.2
    Pretty solid mod, a quick suggestion would be to add the doors back and maybe window nets for the front two doors. But other than that I love it :)
  10. Asher Petersen
    Asher Petersen
    Version: 0.1.2
    It looks amazing but it spawned with no wheels and the car was a different color than the pictures show. I can't change the color of the roll cage, only the exterior. Otherwise, it looks astonishing. Was the rock crawler supposed to come with wheels and tires?
    1. LJ74
      Author's Response
      Make sure you run the game without any other mods and clear cache before reporting bugs
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