Sunburst diesel engine (incl. Taxi) 1.1

This mod add a 2.0 liter diesel engine to the Sunburst

  1. Added Taxi variant

    • Added a Italian Taxi variant, including the Taxi sign and the skin :
    • Updated configs and thumbnails
  2. Big 2 years update !

    • 0.16 compatibility
    • new powertrain
    • added new sounds intake / exhaust
    • updated configs
    • updated thumbnails
  3. Updated for 0.9.0.x version of the game

    Updated for 0.9.0.x version of the game
  4. Update for 0.5.4 (All engines retuned)


    Update for

    All engines and turbo retuned to mach the real values from the cranckshaft .

    Enjoy !
  5. Version 0.5 (thermal effect and black smoke)

    Version 0.5 (thermal effect and black smoke)
  6. Updated all the jbeam for better realism !

    Updated all the engines , turbo and gearbox for better realism !

    (Please delete the older version before instal this one !)
  7. Update 0.3

    Final version for the engine ,
    - Torque to power ratio now correct
    - better inertia
    - adjusted Turbo

    The gearbox are updated but still wip , i need help, it's hard to found the perfect ratio , i use for the moment Bmw E87 118d an 120d ratio.


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