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Beta Stubby-T Series 0.82

Stubby but can still haul.

  1. crashmaster
    This mod is inspired from the "Stubby Bob" from the youtube show Roadkill
    This mod adds a short "stubby" version of the T series with an optional rear engine.
    Its using some of the Customizable engine parts mod which is located here:
    (Thanks for letting me use it :) )

    It has multiple fuel tank options
    screenshot_00926.png screenshot_00928.png screenshot_00923.png

    It has a few configs but also has a few extra parts added.
    Drag Config, has the grip of the tires from the moonhawk's dragster wheels and does sick wheelies.
    Sleeper config has a raised rear suspension and a sleeper cab in the back.
    Stock Config has the stock front engine and the trailer attachment.
    Drift Config is made for fun, it has the powerful rear engine but the stock rear tires so it can spin out easily and also make sweet drifts ;)
    Rear Engine Config has the stock rear engine and stock wheels.

    Few screenshots :)
    screenshot_00919.png screenshot_00920.png
    screenshot_00933.png screenshot_00989.png screenshot_00986.png screenshot_00983.png screenshot_00982.png screenshot_00058.png screenshot_00057.png

    Awesome Video made by @CaptanW

    Awesome Video made by SpeirsTheAmazingHD

    PT #2

    Awesome Video made by Neilogical

    Awesome Video made by predagator

    Known Bugs:
    When the right fuel tank breaks the left one dissapears too.

    Why is this in beta?
    Im planning on adding a bit more to this mod. Maybe the mixer body and the cargo box and as of now this is all ive done and i wanted to share my work. if you have any suggestion i would be more then happy to hear about it :)

    @warkus Customizable Engines and Drivetrains mod
    Beamng: few mesh and t-series
    Me: Stubby T custom parts and jbeam
    @CreasingCurve : New powerful engine (thank you very much)

Recent Updates

  1. V8 removal.
  2. Major Update (0.8 compatibility+ton of new stuff)
  3. fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Bushbaby667
    Version: 0.82
    "Stubbied" upon this accidentally while searching for it in the land vehicles section.
  2. fataldeath33
    Version: 0.82
    This thing is MINT!
  3. bluerider598
    Version: 0.82
    Love the mod, however the stock Gavril front engine doesn't work.
  4. ya_BOI_Zack
    Version: 0.82
    When i spawn in the truck it doesn't spawn in. The camera kind of just zooms away really fast. No truck. Any help?
    1. crashmaster
      Author's Response
      everything still works fine in my end, could you please post more detail in the thread?
      also, do you have the latest version of beamng?
  5. kaidenkricket
    Version: 0.82
    AN F-650

    but in beamng
  6. Supernuke123
    Version: 0.82
    Great mod but it runs out of gas when i try to move. Any way to fix it?
    1. crashmaster
      Author's Response
      are you sure you just dont have a fuel tank? it could be as simple as not having a fuel tank. check in the part selector.
  7. warkus
    Version: 0.82
    I really like it, the only problems with it are the parts from me.
    Though being me I obviously modify the engine and stuff like that to suit my preferences, but I do that on all mods and stock cars so.
    Just another tiny thing i'd love is ability to hook up the Semi trailers from this https://beamng.com/resources/gavril-t-series-addon.178/ with the heavy duty rear couplers on the back of a rear engined Stubby.
    Though I understand if the mod is unsuported.
  8. Trastorno
    Version: 0.82
    The Overcompensator from Saints Row has found its way into BeamNG. Fantastic.
  9. superswag98
    Version: 0.82
    This is by far the greatest mod I have ever used in BeamNG, though when I selected the D-series body, I was hoping it was gonna have the hood and fenders from the T-series body, still a great mod nonetheless.
  10. VocalCloth
    Version: 0.82
    Its an excellent and fun mod, but it lacks offroad capability or the ability to have a hitch, as you can see in this video https://youtu.be/wpGQBS4fB50 it has a hard time driving over the same path despite being bigger and higher off the ground, I would appreciate it if you could add towing abilities, and the a front diff if possible or at least a locking diff for the rear, overall its still an awesome mod!!!
    1. crashmaster
      Author's Response
      4WD Would need some tweaking, i got it working if you check the jbeam i think you can see the Front diff in one of the slots, just remove the // and it should work, but i cant remember if i removed it completely or not. anyways, the front diff doesnt work that great sadly, and its still the t series, so i dont know how ill make it offroad since i lack the skills to make any type of suspension modification, but the trailer hitch is planned for the next update.